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Open Wind

  • High Precision Wind Measurement
  • Measuring wind direction, wind speed, pitch & roll and heading direction from the boat
  • 50 m connectivity range with your smartphone or smartwatch
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Including: rail mount and support extender
  • 2 years warranty

*Price including 19% VAT



OpenWind is a wind instrument designed to measure wind direction as well as wind speed. The application uses an advanced algorithm to calculate the true wind speed and true wind direction in any environmental condition (e.g.: boat drift, current). OpenWind was designed to provide sailors with accurate and precise measurements and to be easily installed on a wide variety of vessels.

Due to the innovative design of the anemometer cups, OpenWind delivers the correct wind speed, regardless of the boat heel. It also provides the sailor with information on pitch and roll as well as the compass direction. OpenWind is powered by solar energy, which charges the built-in battery. The sailor is not required to change batteries or charge the device manually. The OpenWind application is available in iOS, Android, WatchOS and AndroidWear.